Caring for our planet and her nature, culture and creatures


At this crucial moment in the Earth's changing balance, we believe it’s incredibly important to make choices that support the beautiful planet that carries us and that if we take our responsibility and make positive steps in changing our behaviour to better serve our planet and each other, we can leave our little ones a beautiful world to thrive in.

The idea of carrying the future inspires us, as the little ones we are holding in our arms today are the future of tomorrow. So we want to make sure that the space from which they get to experience the world in their first years, is a carrier with the hope of a better world woven deep into its very fabric.

We aim to be as transparant as we can about the work that we do, and love to present you the thought and care that went into creating our carriers - from the materials used, to the craftsmanship and the support it offers, and all the processes surrounding it.
We believe this transparency is important so that you can feel confident that we have done everything we possibly could to make your carrier one that not only holds your little one safe and warm, but also leaves a trail of goodness into this world.

Sustainable Khadi Fabric

Khadi fabric is a revolutionary eco-friendly material with a profound story, made by skilled artisans in rural communities.

The Khadi fabrics we use for our carriers are hand-spun and handwoven, with no machines involved. Because all the processes for its creation is done by hand, it leaves no carbon footprint. 

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Cork fabric

The patches for our babycarriers are made out of cork fabric; one of the most eco-friendly materials on the planet.
Cork is pretty much as sustainable we can wish for a material to be: it is natural, renewable, 100% biodegradable and recyclable with a great positive impact on environment and rural economies.

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Natural Dye

The fibres that make our unique fabric is dyed solely with natural pigments sourced from plants, vegetables, minerals, bark, fruits, leaves, flowers, roots and stems. No chemicals involved.

Good for the planet, and great for sensitive baby’s skin. 

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So how do we tackle what's left of our carbon footprint?

Everything we make, buy and sell leaves a carbon trail. We all are growing aware of the impact that this has, and that’s good! Because now we can do something about it!

Cutting down carbon emissions is the most important thing we can do in our journey towards a sustainable future, so we do this were we can by choosing the most carbon neutral materials and processes.

For what remains of our carbon footprint we track everything we do; driving our car, airplane flights, manufacturing processes, sending packages etc.  and together with our partner calculate our emissions. Based on this we support projects that help offset this emission by planting trees, protecting forests and investing in renewable energy.

Because we can now precisely measure our carbon footprint, we can counter this by investing in the environment and help fight climate change. We believe a clean energy future is possible, if we all play our part. And we want to play our part.